Demon Facts



AKA Abrasax, Abracax



The One, Master of the 365 Spheres, The Great Archon, Lord of Unity




The sheer supremacy of Abraxas as a mystical force propels this being beyond categorization using such labels as humanoid, avian or even transmutational, for example. Abraxas is both essence and form, emanation and withdrawal, vibration and stillness, light and dark, masculine and feminine... the transcendent equilibrium.


  • Occupies a realm imperceptible to humans, who are limited by their physical experiences
  • Is chiefly concerned with the maintenance of balance and the confluence of opposities
    • Therefore displays a disinterested amorality rather than an overt immorality seen in a stereotypical demonic force
    • Matches good with evil, love with hate, hope with despair, pleasure with suffering, vitality with apathy, and so forth
  • Draws comparisons to Satan and Lucifer as the facilitator of individuation and the bringer of light in the form of knowledge, differentiation and self-awareness
  • Has been linked to eastern ideas of oneness, samadhi and the void
  • The embodiment of wholeness