Demon Facts

Jinn (pl.)

Jinn (pl.)

AKA Djinn (pl.), Jinnī, Genie

Jinn (pl.)


One Concealed from the Senses, Ethereal Mortal


Arabian / Islamic


Jinn (anglicized as genies) are ethereal, spirit-like creatures. They are imperceptible to humans unless they wish to deliberately present themselves.


  • Not inherently good or evil
    • Born with fitra (natural purity or innocence present at birth) and thus must choose whether or not to accept God as their superior
      • Those who choose acceptance are portrayed as benevolent
      • Those who reject God are therefore believed to be malevolent
        • Hence their perception as demonic forces
  • Not originally Islamic per se
    • Existed in pre-Islamic Arabian folklore and were perhaps brought into the cultural dialogue after encounters with other pagans
  • Much more powerful than humans, but unlike most demons, jinn are not immortal
    • Will be judged upon death and sent to either heaven or hell according to their deeds
  • The collective term jinn is used to refer to any sort of supernatural creature, but also to a specific type