Hell, Lord of Wrath, The Adversary, Father of Lies, The Ancient Serpent, Son of Perdition">
Demon Facts



AKA Satanas, Ha-Satan, Al-Shaitan, Iblis



The Devil, Emperor of Hell, Lord of Wrath, The Adversary, Father of Lies, The Ancient Serpent, Son of Perdition


Jewish / Christian / Islamic


God / Yahweh / Allah (father)


Satan has been described more recently as a master shapeshifter capable of taking on a plethora of forms. In his truer, more traditional form, however, he is typically depicted as a towering humanoid with blood-red skin, large horns, cloven hooves, hairy taurine legs and a long tail. He is further portrayed as always being naked and wielding an enormous staff or pitchfork.


  • Seduces humans into sin and falsehood; tempts them into renouncing their faith and adopting a life of impiety and unholiness
  • Created by God
    • Christians and Muslims regard Satan as a child of God who initially demonstrated considerable piety and virtue, but later abandoned the kingdom of heaven in order to carve out a life of his own
      • Resides in Hell, where he corrals and rules over fellow fallen angels and celestial beings, serving as their supreme overlord and commander
    • Jews generally view Satan as the personification of yetzer hara, humans' innate predisposition for evil and opposition to God's will
  • Because Satan and Lucifer are both rebellious fallen angels, people have used their names interchangeably, even though they are distinct figures
    • This, in conjunction with Lucifer's proud individualism, is why his name has nearly become synonymous with Satan and the Devil
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