Demon Facts



AKA Sammā'ēl, Sama'il, Samil



Venom of God, The Destroyer, Angel of Death, The Accuser, The Seducer


Jewish / Christian / Islamic / Gnostic


Yahweh / God / Allah (creator); Lilith, Agrat bat Mahlat, Eisheth, Naamah (sexual partners); Cain (son, according to some); the Demiurge (conflated)


Samael is described as an archangel, fallen angel and/or archdemon. His appearance then is typically presented as handsome and angelic, with stereotypical seraphic traits.


  • An archangel, according to the Talmud, Samael is associated with Satan as an accuser, seducer and destroyer
    • His and Lilith's names are sometimes inscribed inside pentagrams as a couple representative of betrayal
    • He resembles Lucifer and is sometimes identified as a fallen angel himself
      • For this reason the terms archangel and archdemon are both applied to him
  • His behaviour varies depending on the cultural source
    • For example, although he encourages the sins of man, as the Destroyer, he also eliminates sinners
    • Christian sources refer to Samael as God's servant: an angel of death (cf. demon of fate) who is not fallen, but carries out grim duties
  • Historically named the guardian angel of Rome, making him a representative of Christianity (and thus, by extension, an enemy of Judaism)
  • Samael is the sexual partner of several demonesses, most notably among them Lilith, the first wife of Adam
    • His sexual escapades, especially among demonic figures, make Samael a controversial figure
Note: Not to be confused with the Swiss metal band named after this demon.