Demon Facts



AKA Nidhögg, Níðhöggr, Níðhǫggr, Níðhöggur, Nidhug, Nidhøg, Nithhogg, Nithhögg



Malice Striker, Corpse Chewer, Gnawer of Yggdrasil


Proto-Germanic / Norse


Typhon (kindred spirit)


Nidhogg is depicted as a long, slender dragon or serpent with razor sharp teeth. His lips and face are caked with the blood of the corpses and the world tree on which he gnaws.


  • Nidhogg dwells in Niflheim, where he gnaws and degrades the roots of Yggdrasil from below
    • Yggdrasil suffers a great deal at the hands of the living creatures it supports, but Nidhogg is perhaps the taxing of them all
  • While not defined as a punisher per se, Nidhogg is most known for his interaction with the inhabitants of Náströnd, the Shore of the Dead
    • There he chews and sucks the blood of the corpses of Norsemen guilty of murder, adultery and oath-breaking
  • In Old Norse, the term níð refers to a social stigma associated with loss of honour and reduction to the status of a villan