Demon Facts



AKA Typhoeus, Typhaon, Typhos



Serpent Overlord, Archenemy of Zeus




1. Gaia and Tartarus, or 2. Hera alone, or 3. Kronos alone (all parents, according to different sources); Echidna (consort); Cerberus, Hydra, Chimera, Orthrus (offspring)


Legend holds Typhon as a monstrous serpentine giant and one of the most formidable creatures ever to have emerged from Greece. Descriptions of his physical form abound, with some attributing one hundred heads to him, others claiming he is a winged half-humanoid, and others detailing his massive serpent tails for legs and feet.


  • Despite the existence of at least three stories explaining Typhon's origin, it is clear that his creation stemmed from anger:
    • 1. From Gaia and Tartarus to punish the gods for eradicating the giants, or
    • 2. From Hera in retaliation for Zeus's single-handed conception and delivery of Athena, or
    • 3. From Kronos in retaliation for Zeus's usurpation of his olympian throne
  • Typhon symbolizes a force of destruction and rebellion, as he was originally purported to be the only creature in the cosmos more powerful than Zeus
    • He thus is the archenemy and cosmic rival of Zeus
      • Despite the prophecies, Zeus ultimately overcame the beast thanks to his clever application of lightning
  • Regarding Typhon's present-day location, there are three generally accepted hypotheses:
    • 1. Imprisoned in Tartarus, or
    • 2. Buried beneath Mount Etna, or
    • 3. Marooned on the island of Ischia