Demon Facts



AKA Coronzon, Coronzom



Demon of Dispersion, Ego Destroyer, Dweller in the Abyss


Enochian / Thelemic


Choronzon only takes form when evoked. During evocation, the demon is most likely to invoke itself into an artifact, such as a living vessel or an inanimate object. Choronzon is described as a discarnate, swirling aggregation of all possible forms—as non-individual.


  • Most commonly known for its role in the mystical system of Thelema developed by Aleister Crowley during the 1900s
  • Choronzon is said to represent the final obstacle to enlightenment for thelemic adepts
    • One who is sufficiently prepared will meet Choronzon to have his or her ego ultimately destroyed, moving the adept beyond the occult cosmological abyss
  • Some uphold this demon as a positive liberating force akin to Satan
    • As the adversary to restrictive dogma, Choronzon's purpose is to facilitate the sloughing off of one's ego, allowing it to be cast into the universe as a player in the cosmic unknown
Note: Not to be confused with the album named after this demon by the English metal band Akercocke.