Demon Facts



AKA Behemot



Embodiment of the Primeval Soil, Supreme Land Monster, Beast of Terra Firma


Jewish / Christian


Yahweh / God (creator)


Behemoth is an enormous land beast whose anatomy has been described as resembling those of elephants, buffalo, hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses. This demon has therefore been reported to possess a massive upper body and legs, thick skin and horns/tusks (or both).


  • Much too powerful to be tamed by human beings
    • So powerful, in fact, that this demon's name is now used to refer to any entity of formidable size and strength
  • According to the Tanakh, Yahweh created Behemoth and Leviathan, unconquerable monsters of the land and sea, respectively, in order to demonstrate to Job the futility of questioning his divine power and will
    • Some sources claim Behemoth dwells in an invisible desert east of the Garden of Eden
    • It is prophesied that at the end of time, Behemoth and Leviathan will engage in mortal combat, during which Yahweh will intervene and slay them both
      • God will then serve the meat of the two beasts to the righteous
Note: Not to be confused with the Polish metal band named after this demon.