Lord of Envy, Serpent of the Deep, Embodiment of the Primeval Sea">
Demon Facts



AKA Livyatan



Lord of Envy, Serpent of the Deep, Embodiment of the Primeval Sea


Jewish / Christian / Gnostic


Yahweh (creator), Unnamed equivalent female mate (created, slain and salted by Yahweh)


Depending on the source, Leviathan is described as a colossal sea serpent, dragon, wyrm or other ichthyic creature. He is depicted with myriad physical characteristics, such as a serpentine tail, powerful fins, fangs, gills, draconic ears, a squamous body and protrusive spine. He is consistently portrayed, however, with piercing, illuminating eyes.


  • According to Judaism, Leviathan, along with Behemoth, will be served to and feasted upon by the virtuous at the end of time
  • Christians describe Leviathan as the embodiment of envy
    • His envy is so potent that his very existence poses a major threat to both God's creatures and his creation
      • The creatures Leviathan attempts to eat, whereas God's creation he threatens with upheaval in the waters of Chaos
  • In Gnosticism, Leviathan appears as a world serpent, analogous to the Greek Ouroboros and Norse J√∂rmungandr, who separates the divine from the mundane realm by enveloping the material world
  • The term "leviathan" in its modern usage can refer to a formidable aquatic creature, but also a menacing person or thing of any kind