Demon Facts



AKA Mapopobawa, Popo Bawa



The Paralyzer, The Household Rapist, Shapeshifter in Shadow


East African


Popobawa means "bat-wing" in Swahili, referencing not only the demon's enormous bat-like wings in its natural form, but also the dark shadow it casts when attacking throughout the night. Being a shapeshifter, the Popobawa can take either human or animal form, with the ability to transmute seamlessly from one into the other. During the day, however, the demon masquerades as an ordinary human.


  • The Popobawa enters people's houses at night and attacks most if not all of the individuals therein (men, women, children) before moving onto a new house
  • Its attacks range from physical and sexual assault to psychological torment (cf. poltergeist)
    • The Popobawa has a particular fondness for anally sodomizing its victims, especially men
  • According to some, the sole motivation for this demon's mayhem is to acquire fame
    • It is alleged that the Popobawa not only targets those who do not believe in evil spirits, but that it urges its victims to tell others of the attacks, threatening them with more assaults if they do not comply