Demon Facts



AKA Halja, Helje



Queen of the Underworld, Ruler of the Realm of Ice


Proto-Germanic / Norse


Loki (father), Angrboda (mother); Fenrir, Jörmundgandr (brothers)


Hel is described as having a towering stature several times the size of the average human. It is said that her hair is long and silver, and her skin reflects a blue-grey, corpselike tinge. She projects a sullen, disconsolate facial expression.


  • At a relatively young age, Hel was appointed by Odin to rule over the realm of the dead, known to Norsemen as Hel or Helheim
    • She was instructed to provide board and lodging to those who are sent to her
      • Such a dull assignment was to foreshadow Hel's atmosphere of monotony, listlessness and inertia
  • Originally a realm for those who die of old age and sickness, Hel has become a place for all mortal souls, with the exceptions of heroic warriors and the morally corrupt (cf. Valhalla, Folkvángr, Náströnd)
  • She plays a key role in Baldr's fate, telling Hermod that Baldr would be allowed to return to Asgard if all things in the world, alive or dead, were to weep for him