Lord of Lust, King of the Earthly Spirits, Prince of Demons">
Demon Facts



AKA Asmodai, Aeshma-deva



Lord of Lust, King of the Earthly Spirits, Prince of Demons


Jewish / Christian / Islamic


King David (mortal father), Agrat bat Mahlat (demoness mother)


Asmodeus is generally depicted as a humanoid whose handsome physiognomy gives him a certain charm or allure. He is portrayed with a noticeable limp, possibly from injury, club-footedness or having the leg of a fowl.


  • Shows a particular fondness for tormenting newlyweds and sabotaging burgeoning romantic relationships
  • Destroys the beauty of virgins and instills coldness and revulsion in their hearts
    • E.g. in the Book of Tobit, each time Sarah is married, Asmodeus kills her husband before they have a chance to copulate, amounting to a total of seven dead husbands
  • Some sources claim that it is Asmodeus in the form of a serpent who seduces Eve in the Garden of Eden
  • Flees in the presence of fish offal, repulsed by its stench, allegedly
  • A cambion, the offspring of a mortal and a demon