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Is My House Haunted? 6 Signs Your Home May Be Haunted or Possessed

Is My House Haunted? 6 Signs Your Home May Be Haunted or Possessed

Think you might be living with a demon? These 6 signs will help you determine if your house is in fact haunted.

Everybody gets spooked from time to time—it’s normal. What isn’t normal, is being spooked on a regular basis by your own home. So what should you look for before deciding to bring in a specialist?

1. Changes in Temperature

It’s no secret that demons and other malevolent forces cause changes in temperature. Generally specific areas in your home with a temperature noticeably lower than everywhere else can be an indicator that something supernatural may be lurking in the shadows.

2. Changes in Scent

Ghosts, demons, and other spirits often carry a particular odor around when they are present. Smells that cannot be explained by other phenomenon, which often manifest as the smell of sulfur or decaying food, are reason to suspect something might be awry.

3. Electronics Malfunctioning or Intermittent Power Losses

Demons can influence the normal functioning of electronic devices; usually through distortions in magnetic fields or radio waves. If you notice electronic items in your home behaving erratically, such as new batteries being drained exceptionally quickly, it’s possible that there may be more at play than simple electricity.

4. Frequent Tenant Changes or Home Ownership Changes

Get to know the the history of the building you are living in. If you discover that each tenant or homeowner is moving out much more quickly than other residences in the area, it may be a sign that there is something wrong with the residence. Haunted or possessed properties change hands much more frequently than other properties.

5. Crows Congregating Around Your Home

Many believe that crows have spiritual significance, and that their presence can be symbolic of a spiritual event or being, or even simply a indication of spiritual change.

6. Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is perhaps one of the least commonly considered aspects of a demonic possession, but one of the most telling signs. The property that was the center of attention in the documentary film Demon House was affected by ectoplasm, which was discovered on the windows of the home by many different individuals. Ecotoplasm can manifest in different ways, such as a liquid-like substance (as was the case in Demon House), or other physical forms.

If you suspect that you or your home might be the subject of a demonic possesion, read about some of the most common types of demons to help determine what type of spirit may be living with you.

Niccolò Scandella

By Niccolò Scandella

Niccolò (Nico) graduated from the University of Milan with a Bachelor's degree in history. Nico has nurtured a life-long interest with the occult and enjoys reading about "haunted history" in his spare time.